Premier Orthopedics & Work Rehabilitation - POWR
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   Industrial Rehab Services at POWR

POWR provides Individualized Treatment Programs specifically designed to match injured workers identified job demands.  Focus is placed on proper body mechanics and postural awareness training to prepare injured workers for a successful return to work.

POWR provides Work Conditioning services which are defined as work related intensive treatment programs designed to restore strength, flexibility and function so the injured worker can return to work.

POWR provides Work Hardening treatments services which are interdisciplinary programs that focus on tasks required for a specific job and use real or simulated work activities to restore function.

Work hardening addresses productivity. safety, physical tolerances and worker behavior towards returning to work.

POWR provides detailed Functional Capapcity Evaluations to assess an injured worker's readiness for return to work.

POWR performs Job Site Analysis and Ergonomic Services as part of the planning process.

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